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Property Repairs & Asset Mgmt Conference 2018
Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Event Finished


Tue, 11 Sep from
09:00 to 17:00 (BST)


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Murrayfield Stadium
EH12 5PJ

Thank you to all who attended the SFHA's Property Repairs & Asset Management Conference - Providing High Quality, Safe, Affordable Homes; presentations are now available to download. 

The conference saw over 100 delegates come together to share ideas about Fire Safety, Energy Efficiency & Fuel Poverty, Digital Transformation and many more relevant key issues.

The event saw lots of networking and interesting discussion. 

If you are interested in attending next years conference please contact events@sfha.co.uk.

Delegates of our Property Repairs & Asset Management Conference may find this event useful/interesting:

BIM 4 Housing Event

This event will explore the growth of digital working within housing infrastructure. The application of technology and data through the process of BIM is unlocking new value within the delivery and management of housing assets. Digital solutions can also support the current challenges faced by the industry including improve build quality, maintaining accurate records of our estate and driving whole life benefits in the management of housing.

The event will provide an update of digital working within the housing sector, case studies and how to implement within both public and private sector organisations.






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Non-member Price


Paul Dodd profile image

Paul Dodd
Scottish Future Trust

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Paul leads the BIM Delivery Group for Scotland on behalf of Scottish Government. The objective of this group is to support the Public Sector improve the delivery and performance of assets through the alignment of technology, data and processes. The work of this group is set out within the BIM Guidance Portal for Scotland launched in March 2017.

As a chartered surveyor, Paul has also been involved in the development of tools to improve public sector procurement in construction. These include the creation of a new Community Infrastructure Benchmark Database, development of Scottish Governments Community Benefits Toolkit for Construction and development of a new Whole Life Appraisal Tool for the built environment.

Prior to joining Scottish Futures Trust, Paul spent 10 years delivering cost management services within an international construction consultancy. Paul has been involved in a variety of public and private sector projects which have ranged in terms of value, procurement and complexity.

Colin Taylor profile image

Colin Taylor
Scotland Excel

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Colin Taylor is Housing Services Manager at Scotland Excel leading a team with responsibility for delivering the Scottish Government funded Procurement Improvement Programme to housing associations. Colin joined Scotland Excel in 2008 providing support to Scotland’s councils before taking this role last April. Before joining Scotland Excel , Colin’s previous career was in the private sector  working for multinational corporations (Philips & IBM) building up extensive experience in procurement, finance, customer relationships and business operations with roles in both the UK and North America.

Sarah Boyack profile image

Sarah Boyack
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

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Sarah is Head of Public Affairs at the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

She started her professional life working as a Town Planner in the London Borough of Brent, then as Senior Planner in Central Regional Council.  She then worked for Heriot Watt University as a Lecturer in Town Planning.

From 1999 to 2016 Sarah was an elected Member of the Scottish Parliament.  She served in Donald Dewar’s first Cabinet as Minister for Planning, Transport and the Environment.  She was Convenor of the Environment and Rural Committee in the second term of the Parliament and was a member of Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet for Environment and Rural, Local Government and Planning and then Environmental Justice.  In 2016-17 she was a Visiting Lecturer at Heriot Watt University.  

Drew Murphy profile image

Drew Murphy
Zero Waste Scotland

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Drew is a project manager at Zero Waste Scotland, providing advice on decentralised energy and low carbon heat to support the Scottish Government’s ambitions for a decarbonised heat sector in Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland is part of the Heat Network Partnership, a collaboration of agencies focused on the promotion and support of district heating.

Drew recently completed a Masters in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh and, prior to working at Zero Waste Scotland, built up extensive experience delivering projects addressing fuel poverty, energy efficiency and behaviour change. Drew is also a director of the Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative.

Chris Morris profile image

Chris Morris
Local Energy Scotland

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Chris Morris has managed Local Energy Scotland since summer 2013 and is responsible for the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES). Previous to his current role Chris set up and ran an energy advice service at Changeworks and delivered renewables programmes at the Energy Saving Trust. Chris’ career has been in the voluntary sector and he’s worked on innovative energy projects in Scotland for almost 20 years. He has a degree in Environmental Management and lives with his family in Edinburgh.

John Fisher profile image

John Fisher
Ark Consultancy

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John is a Director of ARK Consultancy and MD of CHIC – a consortium of housing landlords.

He promotes a strategic, long term approach to asset management and encourages collaborative working to secure efficiencies.

John is an acknowledged expert and thought-leader in asset management planning and delivery and leads the ARK property services team.

He has been instrumental in developing ARK’s extensive asset management services, working with a wide range of our clients to support innovation and value enhancement. John supports our clients to deliver, efficient, customer focussed outcomes.

Prior to joining Ark (in 1995) John was Director of Corporate Planning for a national housing association and Director of a private development company. Away from work John enjoys running and walking, travel and gardening. He is Chair of a small charity.

Kelly Sleight profile image

Kelly Sleight
Harper Macleod LLP

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Kelly provides advice and assistance to many leading organisations in the public sector and housing sector, particularly in relation to compliance and regulatory issues, and EU procurement.

Kelly's professional experience has included secondments to some of Harper Macleod's largest clients, working closely with their legal and procurement teams, and Glasgow City Council, where she was part of the team advising on high profile sports events and commercial arrangements.

She is the principal advisor to clients in relation to data protection matters, in particular regarding the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, and advising on data protection matters raised in connection with commercial arrangements.

Deryck Irving profile image

Deryck Irving
Central Scotland Green Network Trust

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Deryck Irving is the Head of Strategic Development at the Central Scotland Green Network Trust. The Trust plays a coordinating role in the delivery of the Central Scotland Green Network – a 40 year initiative established by Scottish Government and delivered by a wide range of groups and organisations.

He has over 30 years’ experience of working with urban communities in Scotland. He has a particular interest in the development of quality greenspace as a component of successful and liveable places. This includes the provision of social spaces and the use of green infrastructure to minimise the impact of climate on homes and other facilities’.

John Jellema profile image

John Jellema
Scottish Housing Regulator

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John has been at SHR for five years and leads on its work on equalities, Gypsy/Travellers and the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  Within that John is leading on the current review of SHR’s Charter indicators.  Prior to working at SHR, John was an economic advisor to the Scottish Government firstly on housing and regeneration issues then poverty and welfare. 

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