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The Housing Innovation Factory

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Tue 23 - Thu 25, Jul from
09:15 to 16:30 (BST)


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67 Hope Street
G2 6AE



About the Conference

This is an interactive event where you will have the opportunity to hear about the work of 10 innovation teams who have been developing new ideas and approaches, and to help to develop these ideas further.

Expect interactive workshops, demonstrations, games, competitions, and new opportunities for you to take forward innovation where you work or study.

Come along to listen, share, create, build and play to drive innovation and positive change for your organisation and the whole housing sector.

The event has been organised by SFHA, supported by Wheatley Group and with contributions from the Housing Innovation Community comprising around half of SFHA members and a range of partners from across the public, academic, third and private sectors

Why is it Important?

Housing professionals have told SFHA that they would like to share more good practice, and have opportunities to learn from each other.  It is hard to find time to proactively think about the future – but we need to, so that what we do today is fit for the future.  So SFHA is bringing the sector together to create new thinking and practical solutions.

The outputs from the event will feed into new resources for SFHA housing association members and new ideas to inform future housing policy.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone working in the housing sector who is curious about the future, likes to try new things, and would like to find about and contribute to the work of Scotland’s housing innovation community which is exploring

  • service transformation (what will the housing services of the future look like?)
  • the home of the future (what will people want from their home in 50-100 years time?)
  • impact (how can we make better use of data to meet the changing needs of social purpose businesses and communities?).

Date & Venue

This event takes place on the 22 January at The Studio in Glasgow city centre, located within walking distance from Central & Queen Street Railway Station and Buchanan Bus Station.

Costs & How to Book

This event is FREE! 

It is currently fully booked.   Email events@sfha.co.uk to place your name on our waiting list.


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Member Price FREE

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Non-member Price FREE

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