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Regulatory Framework Review - by Joyce Orr

Joyce Orr - Director of Pineview Housing Association, SFHA Board member and GWSF member - outlines her experience of the SHR’s Regulatory Framework Review so far in the below article. Joyce has played an active role in both the SHR’s Working Group and SFHA’s Regulatory Sounding Board.


Regulatory Framework Review - Update

Since SFHA's last blog update, there has been another meeting of the SHR's Working Group and a meeting of the SFHA Regulation Sounding Board.    At both of these meetings, an update was provided by the SHR about the content of the forthcoming formal consultation.


Michael Cameron Blog Following SHR Working Group Meeting

Michael Cameron, CEO of the Scottish Housing Regulator, has released a further blog on progress with the Regulatory Framework review.


Scottish Housing Regulator blog

George Walker, chair of the Scottish Housing Regulator has written a blog update on the state of play with the ongoing review of the Regulatory Framework.     


Top marks from the Care Inspectorate

Blog by Maureen Tait, Sheltered Housing Services Manager, Port of Leith Housing Association


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The Role of Culture on Innovation - Blog by Dorothy Bulmer

Innovation is a complex concept, however research identifies five key areas that affect the innovation capability of organisations. These influences relate to leadership, opportunistic behaviour, culture , learning and relationship building.

Developing deeper and richer conversations, promoting an open collaborative culture

Blog post by Lorna Wilson, SFHA Innovation and Future Thinking Lead. Using the coaching cirlces method to facilitate better and more productive meetings.  


Coaching questions - build your confidence

There have been many times when I have felt that I haven’t performed well during a meeting or interaction, and left feeling dissatisfied or ‘stuck’.  One approach which I practice is the use of coaching style questions, to help build shared understanding and collaborative working with staff, peers and other stakeholders.  In a particularly important or challenging situation it can been good to have a few open questions up your sleeve in advance, and with practice, these questions come quite naturally.  I’ve found it a really helpful tool.  Here are some examples of some coaching style questions which you may wish to try out..


A New Horizon for Housing Associations

Glenn Adcook is Chief Executive of Osprey Housing Group that owns and manages over 1800 homes across Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray. This piece is written in a personal capacity and represents his own views.  


User-Friendly Design Thinking, a blog by Professor Ken Gibb

In this article Professor Ken Gibb writes about user-friendly design thinking.   


Opportunity to join the social housing digital champion network

SCVO are kicking off a new digital project with opportunities for housing organisations across Scotland


Green infrastructure is a key component of healthy places

A blog on Green Infrastructure by Ivan Clark, Scottish Natural Heritage.


Housing Europe Annual Conference

A blog by SFHA Innovation Lead Lorna Wilson. She discusses her time at the Housing Europe Annual Conference